PennyStocksReports.com is proud to be the only site which produces a top notch quality newsletter on the stock market which has been analyzed thoroughly to showcase only the top companies which we think are going to get bigger fast.

Before you go any further - feel free to check out our track record. The list of stocks that we have showcased are telling, many have reached gains of 150-250% in just a matter of weeks.

And the wonderful thing about these stocks is that most of them are low valued companies, hence you do not need to bust the bank to start investing.

Take note that not every company we assess does well, so please invest wisely, the decision is ultimately yours. However, based on our track record, 11 out of the last 12 companies we showcased have all risen in stock value, so you can still be assured of being provided the best companies in our newsletters.

Does PennyStocksReports.com get paid by the companies it covers in its newsletters?

PennyStocksReports.com DOES get paid by companies that we review. We just want to be upfront about it. Yes, we are approached by many many different companies on a daily basis to get publicity for their stock shares. These are companies who do not have big budgets for marketing or for promoting themsleves, and hence they come to us, the number 1 financial newsletter to help them get their word out.

We charge an assessment fee of between $50- $150, depending on the size of the company. This fee is detailed in every newsletter that we send out as we want our members to be clear about how we make our money as well.

We believe in being transparent to our readers and our members who have been with us all these years and have stayed with us as we consistently give them the results that they want.

However, we do not profile every single company that comes to us for an assessment, we only choose the ones which we seriously think have a good chance or good potential of growing bigger. Hence from a list of about 100-200 companies over 1 - 2 weeks, we choose just 1 - 2 that we think show good foundation or have the potential to grow.